Stewed chicken with mushrooms is a very delicious dish. It has both the delicious smell of mushrooms and the fat, fresh and tender taste of chicken. Chicken meat is tender, delicious, nutritious and nourishing; Mushrooms contain crude fiber that is difficult for human body to digest, which can maintain the water balance in the intestine, absorb the remaining cholesterol and sugar and excrete them out of the body.


750g chicken leg meat
30g hazelnut mushroom (dry)
10 dried mushrooms
1 tablespoon of soy sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce
1 tbsp cooking wine
8 pepper
15g sugar
1 section onion
4 cloves garlic
1 fresh pepper
1 dry pepper
A little white pepper


Step 1
Soak the mushrooms and mushrooms in advance and remove the dry water

Step 2
Do not pour out the water for soaking Lentinus edodes and mushrooms. Precipitate and filter for 2-3 times for standby

Step 3
Cut scallions into large sections, beat garlic flat, 8 pepper, one dry pepper and one fresh pepper

Step 4
Mix soy sauce, raw soy sauce and cooking wine into a bowl of juice

Step 5
Wash and chop chicken legs

Step 6
Put the chicken cubes into the pot in cold water and blanch them in water. Remove and set aside

Step 7
SUPOR Zhonghua chitao electric casserole starts the function and taste of chicken and duck in casserole

Step 8
After the pot is hot, add an appropriate amount of oil to fry the seasoning

Step 9
Pour in the boiled chicken pieces and turn them over

Step 10
Pour in the mixed bowl of juice

Step 11
Add mushrooms and mushrooms

Step 12
Pour in the water of the pickled mushrooms (add some boiling water if the water is not enough), cooking wine, white pepper, cover and simmer

Step 13
When there are 20 minutes left, add salt and sugar, cover and continue to simmer until the end