There is a pot of meat and vegetables. The chicken is delicious, the lotus root is crisp and the corn is sweet. Look at all greedy people!


8 chicken wing roots
1 corn (fresh)
300g lotus root
600 ml coke
1 onion knot
1 octagonal
3 slices of ginger
2 teaspoons raw soy sauce
1 / 3 teaspoon soy sauce
2 teaspoons yellow rice wine
Proper amount of salt


Step 1
Wash the chicken wing root, put cold water into the pot, put three or two pieces of ginger in the pot to remove the fishy smell, boil, skim the floating foam, cook for another minute or two, fully blanch and remove the water.

Step 2
For other ingredients, cut the fresh corn into small pieces (zeruima cut the fresh corn in advance, there is no real picture here). Peel the lotus root and cut it into hob pieces or large thick slices.

Step 3
Put a little cooking oil in the pot, fry the boiled chicken wing root a little, then move it aside, add scallion knot, ginger slices and star anise, and fry the seasoning flavor.

Step 4
After frying out the flavor, add Cola without ingredients. (coke about 600ml)

Step 5
Add raw and old. Coke itself has the effect of coloring. Don't smoke too much, otherwise the color is too dark. Add yellow rice wine.

Step 6
Add the cut lotus root and fresh corn, bring to a boil over a high fire, cover the lid, and reduce the fire for about 20 minutes

Step 7
After burning for about 20 minutes, the soup will be reduced. The chicken wing root, corn and lotus root will be ripe. Pick the green onion and don't use it. Taste the salty, put salt when it is light, and change to medium fire to collect the juice.

Step 8
Until the soup is concentrated, turn off the fire and pour it out.