Stewed chicken and potatoes are put together. The potatoes absorb the taste of chicken soup and taste better than chicken. When I was a child, my mother made it for us. It would be nothing delicious. It’s like the Chinese New Year. I can’t bend down. Now I’m good. I’m not worried about eating too much meat!


Half a pheasant
2 potatoes
Proper raw extract
A spoonful of bean paste
A little pepper seasoning
5 fragrant leaves
5 ginger slices
Half a spoonful of soy sauce
A spoonful of salt


Step 1
Chop half a pheasant into pieces

Step 2
Boil the rock sugar over low heat until it bubbles

Step 3
Add chicken and stir fry

Step 4
Add raw soy sauce

Step 5
A spoonful of bean paste

Step 6
Star anise, two pepper, a little

Step 7
5 slices of fragrant leaves and ginger respectively

Step 8
Add half a spoonful of soy sauce

Step 9
Stir fry evenly and pour into the electric rice cooker

Step 10
Cut the potatoes into hob pieces and put them into the pot

Step 11
Add a spoonful of salt

Step 12
Put it into the electric rice cooker

Step 13
Choose stew for 25 minutes

Step 14
When it's time to open the lid, the house is full of fragrance

Step 15
Take it out and you can eat it