The autumn wind is blowing, the crab feet are fat, and it’s the season to eat crabs again. If you don’t have a steamed hairy crab, the cat always thinks it will be a little worse. This is the first time this year. If you don’t have it in the Mid Autumn Festival, you’ll miss the national day. For a food, you have to make it up anyway. If you want to make this autumn perfect, steamed is the most delicious.


Four hairy crabs
1 tbsp onion oil
1 tbsp steamed fish and soy sauce
1 tbsp vinegar
15g ginger
1 shallot
1 tbsp cooking wine


Step 1
The hairy crab cleans its shell with a brush

Step 2
Put water into the steamer and put ginger slices and shallots into the steamer

Step 3
Pour in a spoonful of cooking wine and bring to a boil

Step 4
After boiling water in the pot, put the hairy crabs into the steamer. Pay attention to put the belly up and steam for 15 minutes

Step 5
Shredded ginger

Step 6
Add in steamed fish, soy sauce, onion oil and vinegar. Mix well to make dipping sauce