In the golden autumn season, the autumn wind rises and the crabs are fat. It is a good time to eat crabs.


6 hairy crabs
Proper amount of perilla leaves


Step 1
First wash the hairy crab. I was wrong. I opened one. I didn't expect to climb everywhere and clip people. Look at its ferocious scene

Step 2
Add water to the pot, add the broken perilla, and bring the water to a boil

Step 3
After the water boils, put on the steam curtain, put on the hairy crab, with the stomach up, sprinkle a little perilla on the hairy crab, and steam in the atmosphere for about 20 minutes

Step 4
Steamed hairy crabs are red. See, every hairy crab has an ID card and an ID card

Step 5
When eating after steaming, first break off the navel of the stomach, uncover the big cover in front, remove the crab lung, crab mouth and crab stomach on both sides, and don't eat the crab heart in the middle

Step 6
Then you can cut off the crab legs. I use the juice mixed with garlic, ginger and aged vinegar. You can pour the vinegar juice on the crab roe and crab meat and taste it slowly