It’s the season of chrysanthemum yellow crab fat again Nice to meet you. It’s delicious The cream is full of yellow fertilizer Red It’s time to eat crabs in this season of the year Don’t miss it ~ eating crab is wonderful~


3 hairy crabs
Half a piece of ginger
1 tablespoon sugar
2 tablespoons Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar


Step 1
Wash the hairy crab in clean water and tie the two clips and eight legs of the hairy crab tightly with a rope

Step 2
Mix ginger powder, Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar and sugar into dipping material

Step 3
Put water in the steamer, throw a few pieces of ginger into the pot, put the crab belly up after the water boils, and steam for 15 minutes

Step 4
Remove the rope after taking it out and put it on the plate

Step 5
Eat ~ break off the fat crab while it's hot The saliva came down