The autumnal equinox is coming. The golden nine and silver ten. The crab is the most plump time. Yangcheng Lake is located in the northeast of Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The scenery is charming. The oasis lotus island in the lake is like a crystal jade. Of course, the most famous aquatic products in Yangcheng Lake are: mandarin fish, soft shelled turtle, white fish, eel, freshwater shrimp and hairy crab. Among them, Yangcheng Lake freshwater hairy crab, known as the “king of crabs”, is well-known at home and abroad. How can we eat female crabs in September and male crabs in October without this plate of crabs on the table? Crab loving comrades, if you don’t say much, let’s plate the crab to satisfy your greed first! In the dish just brought out of the steamer, the pale yellow crab juice is mixed with the Fleur like protein exuded from the crab body, lined with the orange crab, which tastes sweet and elegant. It is original and retains the freshness and sweetness of sluice crab to the greatest extent. There is only one kind of crabs and delicious crabs in the world, but there are only two different procedures for eating crabs: first, go straight to the theme and uncover the crab cover at the first time; Second, it is getting better and better. After stripping the two AO and eight legs one by one, the ceremony of “uncovering the cup” can be carried out. The female crab eats yellow and the male crab eats cream. The taste is between the lips and teeth. Today, I ate crabs and drank some new wine. It would be really dizzy. The degree of wine is a little high.


4 hairy crabs
2 tbsp vinegar
10g ginger
1 / 2 teaspoon brown sugar


Step 1
After the hairy crabs are bought back, they are fed in the water for 2 hours. Let the crabs spit out the dirty things in their stomach and change the water several times during the period

Step 2
Clean the crab with a brush

Step 3
Cut the green onion into sections and shred the ginger in half

Step 4
Put an appropriate amount of water into the steamer, spread scallions and shredded ginger on the steamer, and put hairy crabs in. Don't tie the crab legs in this way

Step 5
Boil over high heat and steam for 15-20 minutes

Step 6
Wash the other half of the ginger, peel and chop it up, and chop the garlic

Step 7
Then mix it with rice vinegar and salt to make a sauce

Step 8
Finally, steam the crab and serve with sauce