Hairy crabs that have not been eaten for several years. Many seasonal delicacies have not been seen for a long time. They were not very good in the past. They are really greedy without touching them for many years~


4 hairy crabs
50ml vinegar
10g ginger
10g garlic


Step 1
Fresh hairy crabs are bound with straw ropes

Step 2
If you can't finish eating at one time, you need to save it. Method: wrap the crab with a wet towel and put it in the refrigerator (I put an ice bag under it)

Step 3
Before eating, brush the surface of the crab shell with a brush. For details, see: techniques for cleaning crabs

Step 4
Put cold water on the pot and steam for 15 minutes (Perilla bag in the middle)

Step 5
When steaming, prepare seasoning: cut ginger and garlic and put them in vinegar

Step 6
The appearance of steamed crabs can be eaten with seasoning. See how to eat crabs correctly for details