In the afternoon, some people drink tea to chat, some drink coffee to watch their mobile phones, and I steam hairy crabs to read. What a coincidence today


2 hairy crabs
3 small pieces of ginger
1 tablespoon cooking wine
1 small package seasoning package
A little ginger powder
3 tablespoons vinegar


Step 1
Soak hairy crabs in water for one hour to remove the residual viscera of crabs.

Step 2
The cleaning of hairy crab is actually very difficult. Fortunately, the crab is tied, otherwise, you know

Step 3
Yes, it's two. Oh, the belly is facing down. You can also try facing up to see if there's any difference.

Step 4
Cut the ginger, pour in vinegar and a little sugar, adjust it according to your taste, and be ready.

Step 5
Hairy crab steamer, you can pour a little cooking wine into the water in the pot.

Step 6
Steam for ten minutes and bring it out. It feels good