I grew up in Shenzhen from Sichuan Province. It happens that both Cantonese and Sichuan cuisine can make stewed vegetables. I like to eat stewed beef very much. My husband likes to eat stewed beef best, so I’ll give you a try on the recipe. It’s very simple. I’m not responsible for simple family dishes, but the taste is the same as the cold dishes bought outside and the sauce skeleton of noodle king.


500g ox tendon
500g keel
7 pieces of archaic rock candy
1 teaspoon Lee Kam Kee oyster sauce
1 gram of chicken essence
1 ml cooking wine
5 slices of ginger
Five garlic
2 teaspoons Li Jinji straw mushroom soy sauce
2 spoonfuls of Lee Kam Kee soy sauce
30 ml edible oil
3 fragrant leaves
2 star anise
3 pieces of cinnamon
A handful of Chinese prickly ash
1 Shannai


Step 1
I use the whole ginger and garlic as marinade, and the chopped ones are prepared for frying other dishes. In addition to the chopped ginger and garlic, they are all spices used in this pot.

Step 2
Beef tendons, spine, wash clean, cold water pot, to blood, boil until boiling, pour, flush with cold water.

Step 3
The beef tendon is cut in pairs, not too small. The beef will shrink after cooking, and the beef will smell more fishy than the pork. What's more, I bought frozen beef, so I soaked it in cold water for three times before I went to the bloody water, and I kept going to the bloody water. If you are afraid of fishy, you can try it. Not only beef, pork, but also mutton. I soaked in cold water for several times. When you boil the blood in a pot, there will be no fishy smell at all.

Step 4
I use a precise amount of oil. It's 30 ml. Heat up the oil and saute the ginger and garlic. I like to add ginger and garlic. But you can't put too much spice in it. If there is more, it is easy to have bitterness and spice.

Step 5
Pour in all the spices and add rock sugar to make the color of sugar. If you have the brine fried with rock sugar, the color will be better. If you don't have it, you can use white sugar. The color of sugar is easy to paste, so you can fry it over low heat. The fragrant leaves will be released later. The taste of early release is not good, it is easy to have bitter taste.

Step 6
Stir fry like this, you can pour in the backbone and beef, stir fry, cut the meat, marinated meat is more delicious. It tastes better.

Step 7
It can also be stir fried over low heat. Patience. Well controlled can be fried.

Step 8
Add cooking wine

Step 9
Pour in soy sauce and soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt and chicken essence. Oyster sauce must be put. It's the point of the whole brine. Salt, too. You can't leave soy sauce alone. The addition of salt can improve the freshness.

Step 10
Stir well, stir out the fragrance.

Step 11
Pour water just over the meat.

Step 12
Add the old brine. My old brine is also made in this way. This paper introduces the preservation method of old brine. After the bittern is finished, take out all the meat and bring it to a boil. When burning, take out the spices with a colander and bring it to a boil. If it is stored outdoors, don't move it. Don't move it at all. Bring it to a boil every night. Just save it. It should be boiled sooner or later in summer. I use it every week. It's in the refrigerator and the fresh-keeping room. It's boiling, pouring out, and filling with glassware

Step 13
Then put it in the air and put it in the refrigerator. Remember to seal it with plastic wrap. And then for more than a week. It is recommended to store it in a cold room. If the old brine has a lot of slag, it is too turbid. Add chicken blood into it, boil it together and remove it. A lot of oil on my surface was used only yesterday, so I didn't pour out the oil. If you want to keep it, skim off the oil, otherwise it will be stuffy. If there is no bittern, let it go.

Step 14
Cover the pot, bring it to a boil over high heat, boil over low heat for 2.5 hours, turn off the heat, stew, and take it out in a hurry. Beef can be smothered all night and taste better. The next day the slices were taken out.

Step 15
This is the cooked beef. I want to stew it all night, so there is no picture of slicing.

Step 16
Fill a picture here with the seasoning

Step 17
Old fashioned pictures

Step 18
This is a squeeze oil pot. I can know exactly how many milliliters of oil. I poured 30 milliliters. This is very easy to use. But I forgot the brand.