This dish is inspired by “tomato beef brisket”. I simplified the process and retained the characteristics and taste of the original dish, but it is more suitable for family cooking. The main raw materials are onion, tomato, potato and beef. How to match them is very right. Try it quickly.


350g beef
700g tomatoes
200g onion
300g potatoes
8 tablespoons vegetable oil
10g salt
4G chicken essence
8g soy sauce
2G black pepper
30g ketchup
A little coriander


Step 1
I use cooked sauce beef (my own sauce during the Chinese New Year), which saves the process of processing raw beef and greatly shortens the cooking time. Friends without mature beef are more troublesome.

Step 2
Cut the onions into large pieces and break them into pieces

Step 3
Cut tomatoes into hobs. Students who don't like tomato skin can peel them first

Step 4
Cut potatoes into hobs.

Step 5
Heat the wok and add 8 tablespoons vegetable oil

Step 6
Add onion and stir fry until soft

Step 7
Add 2 / 3 of the tomatoes and continue to stir fry until the tomatoes become soft and stir fry the red soup.

Step 8
Add beef and stir well

Step 9
Add boiling water, boil over high heat, and add a little soy sauce to color

Step 10
Season with salt and chicken essence. Taste it. It's a little salty, because potatoes are added later

Step 11
Cover and simmer over low heat for 20 minutes until the soup is bright red and the tomatoes are basically melted

Step 12
At this time, add 2G black pepper to improve the taste. Just a little can make the taste more mellow, so it can't be saved

Step 13
Add 30g ketchup to make the tomato taste stronger

Step 14
Finally, add potato chips and remaining tomatoes and stew for another 15 minutes.

Step 15
Put it in a bowl, sprinkle a little coriander on the table, and then serve it with a bowl of rice. It's really pleasant.