After the beginning of winter, the diet should be mainly warm and tonic,


600g beef
1 radish
1 tsp pepper granules
3 fragrant leaves
Three octagons
1 tablespoon soy sauce
2 tablespoons salt
1 / 2 tsp pepper
1 tablespoon pickled pepper
1 tablespoon cooking wine
1 tablespoon peanut oil


Step 1
Wash beef and set aside

Step 2
Cut the beef into square chunks

Step 3
Boil beef pieces in a pot, blanch for 2 or 3 minutes, then remove and control the water

Step 4
Heat the pan, put a tablespoon of peanut oil, and then add a few pepper, a few fragrant leaves and a few star anise to burst out the fragrance

Step 5
When the pot is very hot, put the beef in and keep the fire all the time, so that the protein on the beef surface can solidify quickly and turn slightly brown. The secret of making beef delicious is the fire. The hotter the fire, the better. It is said that the beef will emit more than 100 kinds of meat flavors. In short, the taste is very charming

Step 6
After the beef surface is yellowish, add cooking wine and stir fry the soy sauce evenly

Step 7
Inject 2 to 3 times hot water and bring to a boil

Step 8
Pour the boiled beef and scald into a porcelain pot. After boiling, turn to low heat and simmer for 90 minutes

Step 9
When the beef is stewed for 60 minutes, it is about 7 or 8 ripe. At this time, cut the radish into large hob pieces

Step 10
Add radish and salt. With the addition of radish, you will find that the beef is soft and rotten quickly

Step 11
Then add pepper. In the winter stew, you can put some pepper appropriately to help the human body improve Yang, which will make you less afraid of cold, so pepper is very important in this soup. Freshly ground pepper is more fragrant

Step 12
Finally, the turnip becomes translucent. Add a few pieces of hot and sour pickled peppers and cook for a few minutes. As soon as the pickled peppers are put into the pot, the room is full of sour fragrance and the saliva fills the mouth instantly. Therefore, don't forget to use the sour pickled peppers to freshen the appetizer~