It’s cooling down these days. You need some calories to warm up. Ox tendon is the best choice. It has tendons and meat. It’s delicious and doesn’t have much fat. It’s suitable for men, women, old and young.


4 kg beef tendon
A little old smoke
Proper soy sauce
10g salt
Half a green onion
1 ginger
4 dry red peppers
2 small pieces of cinnamon
2 star anise
A little Angelica dahurica
1 Amomum villosum
1 Gardenia
A little other brine


Step 1
Soak ox tendons in cold water for a while to remove excess blood;

Step 2
Divide the tendon into several strips with the tip of the knife along the grain of the tendon; This is one of the tendon cores;

Step 3
This is one of the larger pieces of fat and lean meat; After being divided into groups, it is conducive to maturity and more suitable for family use; If you can't eat it at one time, you can eat it twice;

Step 4
Beef tendon and cold water are heated at the same time. Because the electric rice cooker has a capacity of 4 liters, blanching the water first can reduce the volume of meat so that it can be stuffed into the electric rice cooker; Beijing dialect calls this process "tight meat";

Step 5
Take advantage of the "tight meat" time to prepare the marinade, which are all commonly used. If you don't know which is which, you can directly buy ready-made beef marinade bags; There should not be too many spices, so as to prevent the herbal flavor from being too strong and pressing the meat aroma;

Step 6
Place the brine at the bottom of the inner tank of the electric rice cooker, and then put the "tight" tendon in the inner tank and adjust the position; The electric rice cooker is heated from the bottom, and the brine is placed at the bottom of the pot, which is conducive to fully release the fragrance and prevent the meat from adhering to the bottom of the pot;

Step 7
Pour the "tight meat" clear soup into the pot, sprinkle salt, pour a little old soy sauce and an appropriate amount of soy sauce; The electric rice cooker has less water loss. Adjust the soup according to the capacity of the rice cooker. If necessary, add it halfway to prevent overflow due to excessive soup;

Step 8
I use the "soup making" function for 2.5 hours; The function and time of different rice cookers are different. Adjust the time according to their function and the amount of tendon meat;

Step 9
Stewed tendons are ruddy in color. Chopsticks can easily pierce through the thick parts of the meat; Hot food can be picked up and sliced, and then poured with an appropriate amount of soup, which tastes delicious; If you want cold cut beef, soak the beef tendon in the soup for several hours so that you can taste the soup;

Step 10
Take out the cattle tendons soaked for several hours, put them into fresh-keeping bags and refrigerate them in the refrigerator;

Step 11
The frozen beef tendon is more solid. You can easily cut neat slices with a sharp knife, and the thickness can be adjusted according to your favorite taste;

Step 12
The dipping juice consists of minced ginger, minced green onion and minced garlic, mixed with an appropriate amount of soy sauce and vinegar. If you can eat spicy, you can put chili oil, which has a unique flavor.