Stewed Beef Brisket with tomato is sour, sweet and delicious. Beef brisket Q plays. Every time we cook this dish, we can eat it all in one pot, which not only destroys our family but also saves money


400g beef brisket
200g tomato
80g potatoes
10g rock sugar
1 tablespoon cooking wine
1 tablespoon soy sauce
Proper amount of salt
Right amount of onion
Proper amount of ginger
Proper amount of pepper
Proper cinnamon
Proper amount of dry pepper
Proper amount of fragrant leaves


Step 1
Chop beef brisket and soak in water for half an hour

Step 2
Cross the top of the tomato, scald it in boiling water, peel off the skin and cut it into hob pieces

Step 3
Soak blood water, take it out and wash it

Step 4
Heat oil in a pan, add rock sugar and stir fry until sugar color. Add beef brisket and stir fry evenly

Step 5
Add a spoonful of cooking wine and a spoonful of soy sauce, fry until colored, and pour in half cut tomatoes

Step 6
Add onion, ginger, pepper, cinnamon, fragrant leaves and dry pepper, pour 2 bowls of water, pour into a casserole and cook for 40 minutes

Step 7
When it's time, add the other half of the tomatoes and potato chips

Step 8
Add salt, stir well and cook until the potatoes are soft and rotten