It’s a hard dish for festival feast. I also like its rich flavor. Stewed clear soup is delicious, this time mainly clear soup.


400g beef
250g white radish
6 slices of ginger
How many flavors are there
Three pieces of spices: fragrant leaves
Three spices: cardamom
Some spices: Zanthoxylum optional
8 g salt
6 g Sugar


Step 1
The material is ready. After thawing in microwave oven for five minutes, cut the beef into 5 * 3 * 3cm pieces, so that it can be stewed in 40 minutes, and the large pieces need to be stewed for a long time.

Step 2
From top to bottom, cardamom and pepper. Depending on your taste, it's OK not to put or add pepper or change it.

Step 3
Add cold water and ginger slices to the skillet, and bring to a boil; Put the spice balls together and simmer (not shown). I forgot to shoot. Skim foam about five minutes to make sure not to continue to appear. Change the medium heat to stew for about half an hour, and wear chopsticks; The temperature of the home is 40 minutes in total.

Step 4
Then add the radish pieces, simmer for half an hour over low heat, soften the radish and add salt