When I had no appetite to eat when I was a child, my mother would give me stewed beef, dipped in water, sour and spicy, super appetizing! A cold dish is indispensable for new year’s festivals. When inviting friends to dinner at home, drink beer, eat beef and a plate of soybeans or marinated peanuts in the evening. Perfect:)


A large piece of beef tendon
Proper amount of ginger
Right amount of onion
A handful of pepper
A small piece of cinnamon
One star anise
3-4 fragrant tablets
A handful of fennel


Step 1
Boil water in a wok, add ginger and cooking wine. Cut the beef tendon meat you bought back into pieces. It's a little bigger than your fist. Spare it.

Step 2
Boil the meat under the water, blanch the water, boil the blood foam, and then you can pick up the meat. In this step, you can wash the meat with cold water and thoroughly wash the dirt and blood foam.

Step 3
Put the big stuff in a small bag and seal it up. Or you can put it directly in the pot. Depending on the amount of meat, adjust the amount of large materials by yourself. If you put too much, it will be bitter. What I put here is the amount of two large cattle tendons.

Step 4
Put the washed beef, ginger slices, scallion and big bag into instant pot. If there is no pressure cooker or there is plenty of time, you can enlarge the pot and cook slowly over a low heat. But it may take a little longer. Just cook the meat until the chopsticks can penetrate.

Step 5
Add salt and warm water, almost over the meat. If you use an ordinary pot of brine, you have to put more water, enough at a time. Because the water evaporates quickly.

Step 6
Use high-voltage mode for about 15 minutes. I've been doing it for 17 minutes this time. It's a little long. After it rings, let it deflate naturally. It will take about 50 minutes.

Step 7
After venting, scoop out the beef, put it into a large pot, scoop a few spoons of beef soup, put an appropriate amount of raw soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar (which can be replaced by rock sugar), and collect the juice over high fire. When friends with heavier taste collect juice, they can add a little more salt.