A warm stew in winter in Northeast China.


Proper amount of pork
2 baby vegetables
Proper amount of vermicelli
Proper amount of salt
Proper amount of thirteen incense
Appropriate amount of chicken essence
Proper seafood soy sauce
Proper fuel consumption
Appropriate amount of sugar
Appropriate amount of starch


Step 1
Add an appropriate amount of salt, chicken essence, thirteen spices, wet starch and mix well into the pork stuffing. Make it into a ball shape. Blanch it with boiling water and set it.

Step 2
Wash baby cabbage and tear it into strips.

Step 3
The noodles are softened with blisters in advance.

Step 4
Heat the oil in China, add baby vegetables, fry soft, add seafood soy sauce and oil consumption.

Step 5
Put the boiled balls in.

Step 6
Add an appropriate amount of water, and then put the prepared vermicelli in. Add salt, thirteen spices and a small amount of sugar. Finally, put chicken essence into the soup before it comes out of the pot.