When I was a child, in my hometown, every summer, people would make the white beans planted in the corn field into the simplest steamed dishes to enjoy. Only the steamed beans from this kind of beans are delicious. I believe many friends in my hometown will have this memory. This taste is also unique. Whenever I recall, I will be very greedy!


780g beans (white)
200g flour
Proper oil
Proper amount of salt
Half root scallion
1 tablespoon pepper
1 tablespoon thirteen spice powder


Step 1
Material Science

Step 2
Wash the beans, remove both ends, slide the silk at the same time, break them into small pieces by hand, and chop the scallions

Step 3
First sprinkle the salt into the beans and mix well to taste, then sprinkle a small amount of flour and mix well

Step 4
Put the scallions on the mixed beans, and then put a small amount of thirteen spice powder

Step 5
Heat oil in a frying pan, add an appropriate amount of pepper and cook pepper oil. When the oil is hot, remove the gradually blackened pepper particles

Step 6
Pour hot oil over thirteen spice powder and scallions

Step 7
Then sprinkle a small amount of flour

Step 8
Mix the flour with scallions, then sprinkle the remaining flour and mix with beans

Step 9
Brush the grate of the steamer with oil, spread the grate pad, (I usually use noodles) and put the mixed beans on it, over medium heat for 25 minutes