In general, there are two kinds of Luffa in the market. One is angular, which is called Luffa. But the other is non angular, which is called shuigua by Cantonese. Both kinds of Luffa are relatively cool and cool. Cantonese like to eat angular, which is relatively sweet. As for shuigua, it is sometimes used to roll. If it gets hot, some people also drink it with soybeans and shuigua to clear heat and detoxify poison gas, So when cooking more or less will add a little ginger, stir fry generally put ginger garlic, can also be steamed, are very delicious oh.


1 towel gourd
1 teaspoon salt
1 tbsp salad oil
1 / 2 tsp chicken essence
1 / 2 tsp pepper
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1 / 4 tsp sugar
1 head of garlic
1 small piece of ginger
1 / 2 teaspoon refined salt
A handful of wolfberry


Step 1
Chop garlic and ginger, add salt, salad oil, sugar, chicken essence, pepper and sesame oil in a small bowl, stir well

Step 2
Peel the loofah, cut it into cylindrical shape, about 2 cm thick, and lay it on the plate evenly

Step 3
On the surface of Luffa, half a teaspoon of minced ginger and garlic is stirred, and then a pickled wolfberry seed is put on it to decorate. If it is only for family consumption or no pictures are taken, it can save money

Step 4
Steam in boiling water for 5-6 minutes, then serve