Taro is an alkaline food, which can neutralize the acidic substances accumulated in the body, adjust the acid-base balance of the human body, produce the effects of beauty and dark hair, and can also be used to prevent and treat gastric acidosis; Taro is rich in mucus saponins and a variety of trace elements, which can help the body correct the physiological abnormalities caused by the lack of trace elements. At the same time, it can enhance appetite and help digestion. Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine believes that taro can replenish zhongyiqi.


300g preserved fish belly
Two taros
40g peanut oil
Five pickled peppers
15g Douchi
3 garlic seeds
1 ginger
15g raw extract
5g oyster sauce
15g cooking wine


Step 1
Food preparation

Step 2
Rinse Douchi and set aside

Step 3
Wash ginger, garlic and pickled pepper and dice

Step 4
Wash preserved fish Brisket with warm water and cut into pieces

Step 5
Peel taro, wash and cut into pieces

Step 6
Heat the oil pan, add ginger, garlic, pickled pepper and Douchi, and saute until fragrant

Step 7
Add preserved fish brisket and fry for a while

Step 8
Pour in oyster sauce and stir well

Step 9
Pour in cooking wine and stir well

Step 10
Pour in the soy sauce and stir well. Remove

Step 11
Spread evenly on taro and steam over high heat for 20 minutes