Some people have done experiments. Put leeks and other leafy vegetables into clean water and rice washing water for ten minutes, and the pesticide residue in rice washing water is reduced by 63%, while that in clean water is only reduced by 23%. It can be seen that the effect of soaking pesticide residue in clean water is not ideal. The best way is to use microwave vibration, and the pesticide residue can be reduced by 92%. Alas, Looks like I’m going to buy a microwave oscillator.


200g pork stuffing
2 eggs
500g flour
300g leek
3 teaspoons peanut oil
2 tsp oyster sauce
3 teaspoons cooking wine
1 teaspoon five spice powder
2 teaspoons salt


Step 1
Break the eggs and fry them into pieces

Step 2
Put it into the pig meat stuffing and all kinds of spices at the same time. Stir in one direction

Step 3
Wash leeks and cut into fine pieces

Step 4
Melt the yeast and flour in warm water, knead them smooth, and let them stand for about 90 minutes to ferment. This is a good dough

Step 5
Put leeks into the meat filling, and finally add salt and stir well

Step 6
Divide into small agents and roll the skin

Step 7
Take a pastry and put in an appropriate amount of stuffing

Step 8
Wrap into buns

Step 9
Put the steamed stuffed buns into the steamer for two rounds, 20 minutes

Step 10
Steam over high heat for about 20 minutes