My mother has left me for a long time. In the twinkling of an eye, I am also half a hundred old people, but the familiar taste in the depths of my memory remains in the depths of my heart forever. When I was a child, due to the restrictions of conditions, I could eat dumplings and steamed stuffed buns during the Spring Festival. In order to save meat, I would pack some plain fillings and eat them together. At that time, people were short of oil and water in their stomachs. They would always eat plain fillings after eating the meat. But every time my mother watched our sisters eat meat, she went to eat plain fillings and told us that she liked plain fillings. Slowly we grew up and the living conditions at home were better. She said that there was less meat at that time, so she said she liked to eat vegetarian stuffing. At that time, the family often made meat buns and meat dumplings, and her mother ate them very delicious. Eating stuffed bun is my mother’s favorite. She likes to eat whatever dishes are wrapped up, but her favorite is cabbage and leek. I can’t get tired of eating these two kinds of fillings. Influenced by my mother, I not only pack early, but also love to eat stuffed bun very much. My favorite is cabbage and leek. I remember once when I suddenly said to my mother that I wanted to eat leek egg vegetarian dumplings. Seeing that she was greedy at that time, she didn’t look like an old man in her 60s, but like a greedy child. So I hurried to buy leeks and wrap vegetarian dumplings. She was so happy to eat. She left some stuffing and wrapped some dumplings the next day, which was also eaten in the sigh of delicious and delicious. From then on, I will pack meat and vegetables together every three or five times and send them to my home. It’s really happy for someone to be filial. Until now, every time I visit the grave, I will also bring steamed stuffed buns and dumplings for the mother of heaven to taste. Influenced by my mother, I love stuffing. Steamed stuffed buns and dumplings are the food that will appear on the table every week. The taste of leek and egg, which my mother prefers, has become my preference. With this taste, it seems that my mother has not gone far. She bless and protect me all the way—–


200g flour
3 eggs
200g leek
5g ginger
3 g salt
10g oyster sauce
5g sesame oil
3 G yeast
5g edible oil
5g fungus


Step 1
Flour, yeast and an appropriate amount of water are added to form a smooth dough. Cover it and wait for fermentation. When the fermentation is twice as large, take out the exhaust and divide it into small groups to wrap steamed stuffed buns. Stuffing can be prepared during dough fermentation

Step 2
Chop the leeks, fry the eggs, soak the hair in advance, wash and chop the fungus for standby

Step 3
Add oyster sauce, salt and sesame oil into the cut materials and mix well (if you like large oil, you can add edible oil appropriately)

Step 4
Divide the dough into small pieces, knead and roll

Step 5
Take a slice and put it in the palm of your hand. Put it in the stuffing and fold it

Step 6
After wrapping, put it in the cage and cover the second engine

Step 7
Turn on the fire after the steamed stuffed bun is made twice. Don't use too much firepower. You can uncover the pot 15 to 20 minutes after the pot is opened.