Simple taste and low cost! The younger sister of the post-90s generation will share with you the steamed bun made with leek and eggs.


Proper flour
Right amount of leek
Right amount of eggs
Proper amount of fungus
Proper peanut oil
Proper shrimp skin


Step 1
After washing and controlling the water, cut the leek into pieces, because it needs to be steamed in a pot, so don't cut it too finely.

Step 2
Put an appropriate amount of oil, put the shrimps in and stir up the flavor. Highlight the freshness of three delicacies.

Step 3
Add eggs and stir fry until cooked. Remove and let cool.

Step 4
Wash the soaked fungus and cut it into large pieces. Don't cut it into too small pieces.

Step 5
Mix leek, egg and fungus, mix well with salt, and then add peanut oil (the oil needs to be boiled with ginger and pepper in the pot, and then add it after it is cool)

Step 6
Wrap the steamed stuffed buns and put them into the pot. Start steaming from the top of the pot. Count for 15 minutes and then come out of the pot.

Step 7
Out of the pot.