Steamed spareribs with soy sauce and pumpkin, which every family can do in Guangdong, can be put together when steaming, for example, Huaishan, potatoes, chicken and pork. There are many varieties, according to personal preference


A sparerib
300g pumpkin
A little shredded ginger
10 pieces of Douchi
A teaspoon of soy sauce
Moderate salt
A few drops of white chicken


Step 1
Material collection

Step 2
Fermented black bean chops cut, small pieces, when you buy, you can help to cut, clean, control the water, put in lobster sauce, soy sauce, ginger, Baijiu for one hour.

Step 3
When marinating the spareribs, cut the pumpkin into hob pieces and spread them evenly on the plate

Step 4
Spread the marinated spareribs on the pumpkin evenly

Step 5
Put water in the pot, put in the grate, put the ribs in the high heat, steam for 15-20 minutes, you can get out of the pot