Chengdu is the capital of food and the center of Sichuan cuisine. There are many time-honored restaurants in Chengdu, and there are countless famous snacks, including some disappeared or silent famous restaurants and dishes


300g pork chop
10g scallion
2 g ginger
More than 10 Chinese prickly ash
1g refined salt
10g soy sauce
10 g brown sugar
5g sweet flour paste
10g tofu milk
10g mash
1g five spice powder
50g rice noodles


Step 1
Wash the pork ribs and cut them into 4cm long sections. Cut the green onion, ginger and Chinese prickly ash into fine powder. Mix other seasonings (except rice flour) with green onion, ginger and Chinese prickly ash

Step 2
Mix spareribs with seasoning, marinate for 10 minutes, then mix with rice flour

Step 3
Bamboo steamer pad lotus leaf, will lay ribs on lotus leaf, steaming pot

Step 4
Steam over high heat for more than 40 minutes. Sprinkle a little scallion on the table