This is a famous Cantonese butterfly. It is very popular in Cantonese morning tea. It is also a dish that I must eat every morning tea. The ribs are fragrant, soft and rotten, with a strong smell of black bean and garlic. They are not greasy at all. It’s also very easy to cook at home. It’s a good meal that will never disappoint you!


300g chops
Appropriate amount of Yangjiang Douchi
Proper amount of salt
Proper raw extract
Moderate old smoke
Proper oyster sauce
Right amount of onion
Proper amount of ginger
Appropriate amount of garlic
Proper amount of raw meal
A little millet pepper


Step 1
Prepare the required ingredients;

Step 2
Prepare two portions of ginger and scallion, and cut millet and pepper into small grains;

Step 3
Ginger chops were soaked in clear water to remove blood;

Step 4
Soak Yangjiang Douchi in boiling water and rinse it;

Step 5
Pick up the soaked chops and use kitchen paper towels to absorb water;

Step 6
Discharge the processed pups into a container, add an appropriate amount of salt, raw soy sauce, soy sauce and oyster sauce, and grasp them evenly;

Step 7
Add chopped green onion, ginger and garlic, then pour in an appropriate amount of raw powder, grasp well again, and marinate for a while;

Step 8
Sprinkle Douchi and millet pepper on the pickled chops, put them into a steamer with boiling water, and steam over high heat for about 20 minutes. If you want to eat soft and rotten, you can turn to low heat and continue steaming for more than half an hour;

Step 9
Sprinkle with scallions after coming out of the pot.