During the winter solstice, it is necessary to replenish some nutritious food. Children on the beach are not happy with seafood. Today, they received three kilograms of sea shrimp sent by friends. The seafood still needs to be eaten when it is fresh, so they quickly consumed the sea shrimp and made steamed sea shrimp with minced garlic vermicelli, which means that it is booming, auspicious and beautiful, It is very suitable for a bright and delicious meal when family members and friends are reunited. Fans inhaled the essence of the shrimp, and the taste became more delicious.


12 shrimps
1 Purple Garlic
35g dried vermicelli
15g peanut oil
10g raw soy sauce
2 g salt
1 tomato
10g cooking wine
A little shallot


Step 1
First, prepare all the ingredients.

Step 2
After cleaning the shrimp, take a shrimp, cut off the shrimp tail with a knife, and then cut it at the gap between the shrimp head and the shrimp body. Remember not to cut it.

Step 3
Start with the shrimp tail and cut it with scissors until it is cut with a knife.

Step 4
At this time, you can easily take out the shrimp line.

Step 5
Then cut the shrimp meat to the bottom with a knife. Don't cut the shrimp skin.

Step 6
Fans soak their hair in hot water in advance.

Step 7
Take a larger plate, put the soaked vermicelli, drain the water and stack them on the plate.

Step 8
After all the shrimps are processed in turn, they are stacked on the fans.

Step 9
Wash the garlic after peeling and cut it into pieces with a knife.

Step 10
After the pot is heated, pour in peanut oil and heat it. Add minced garlic and stir fry evenly.

Step 11
At this time, add soy sauce and salt to taste and color.

Step 12
Stir fry over high heat and turn off the fire evenly.

Step 13
Pour the fried minced garlic juice and cooking wine on the shrimp meat.

Step 14
Put the plate into the steamer and turn on the tender steaming mode to steam for 10-15 minutes.

Step 15
At this time, wash the shallots, chop them with a knife, and peel the tomatoes to make small flowers.

Step 16
The delicious steamed shrimps with minced garlic vermicelli are cooked.

Step 17
Put the small tomato flowers in the middle of the plate and sprinkle small scallions on the edge.