After seeing tip of the tongue 2, I always yearn for the huazi fish and flying fish in it. I haven’t eaten either of them. In order to satisfy my craving, I’d better buy a perch to replace it. It’s better than no fish to eat. The happiest thing in life is that I’m eating fish while someone is watching me eat fish. Ha ha


1 bass
Proper amount of oil
0.5 tsp salt
1.5 TSP seafood sauce
15g ginger
10g red pepper
15 Kelan point
15g shallot
1 tsp soy sauce


Step 1
After the perch is cleaned, put a knife on the fish.

Step 2
Spread salt evenly all over the body

Step 3
Put shredded ginger, scallion and olive seeds into the belly of the fish

Step 4
Lay a few thick ginger on the bottom of the plate, and put the fish on the ginger slices, so that the fish can be heated evenly

Step 5
The remaining shredded ginger, scallion and olive horn are spread on the fish

Step 6
After the water boils, steam it in the pan. Today, the fish is not big, so it only steam for 10 minutes

Step 7
Out of the pot, decanter the soup, then spread red pepper and onion, pour Shanghai fresh soy sauce

Step 8
Pour on the hot oil

Step 9
Hot and spicy