Friends in Guangdong all know what Yau LAN Jiao is. They often use it to steam fish and ribs. It tastes delicious and refreshing. In fact, Yau LAN Jiao is pickled with black olives. When the olive is ripe, the skin is black, and the meat inside is yellow and purplish red. The best black olive is olive, which is more fragrant. Blanch the olive in boiling water, then separate the meat from the kernel. Marinate the olive meat with salt to form salty olive horn. When the olive seeds are dried in the sun and knocked open with a small hammer, the meat in the meat is more fragrant than olive meat.


1 bass
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp steamed fish and soy sauce
A little red pepper
10g scallion
20G olive horn
10 g ginger


Step 1
After the perch is cooked, drain the water, and put some salt on the fish. If you want to make the fish more fresh and sweet, you can put a little sugar on the fish

Step 2
Then put a few pieces of ginger on the bottom of the plate and put the fish on top

Step 3
And put shredded ginger, scallion and olive oil into the belly of the fish

Step 4
Then cut some shredded red pepper and put it on the fish

Step 5
It must be boiled before the fish is steamed

Step 6
In 10 minutes, steam it

Step 7
Remove and decant the soup from the plate, then pour the steamed fish and soy sauce

Step 8
Add shredded green onion and pour hot oil. It's done