Steamed scallop with minced garlic vermicelli is a classic dish of Guangdong cuisine and a series of Cantonese seafood steamed dishes. The main ingredients, scallops, vermicelli and minced garlic, are simple and retain the freshness, sweetness and nutrients of scallops. For the seafood steamed in the original juice, remove the fishy smell and freshen it with garlic, green onion and ginger, and then add some steamed fish soy sauce with Douchi. After steaming for 15 minutes, a delicious seafood without oil fume will be brought out of the pot.


600g scallops
50g fans
2 ml olive oil
3 g salt
30g mashed garlic
30g chives
15g ginger
3ml steamed fish sauce with black bean sauce


Step 1
Soak the vermicelli in cold water in advance;

Step 2
Scallops are kept in clean water for one night. Wash the sediment and brush the shells;

Step 3
Peel off the scallops, remove the internal organs, wash them clean, leave the meat on half of the shells and remove the other half;

Step 4
Prepare mashed garlic with garlic, chopped ginger, wash and cut vermicelli, and cut green onions;

Step 5
Put the scallops on the plate, then put garlic, ginger, vermicelli, salt, olive oil, steamed fish sauce with black bean sauce;

Step 6
Boil with water, put it into a steamer and steam for 15 minutes;

Step 7
After steaming, sprinkle with scallions;