In summer, I love to cook steamed dishes, especially seafood steamed dishes. It doesn’t take much time to taste delicious. Qingkou scallop has always been a favorite of my family. This time, I joined the fans and tasted it with minced garlic. There was a hint of spice in the garlic flavor. It was delicious. This time, Fulinmen multi nutritional non GM edible blended oil is used to make the taste more fragrant.


300g scallop
25g fans
2 tbsp Fulinmen edible blend oil
1 tbsp chopped pepper
10g minced garlic
1 tbsp fresh soy sauce
A little scallion
A little lemon juice


Step 1
Prepare food blending oil for Fulinmen nutrition family

Step 2
Prepare scallops and vermicelli

Step 3
Soak the vermicelli in boiling water, wash and control the water. Wash the scallop, squeeze the lemon juice and marinate for ten minutes. Prepare the scallion, minced garlic and chopped pepper

Step 4
Pour Fulinmen edible mixed oil into the hot pot

Step 5
Warm oil and add minced garlic to burst out the fragrance

Step 6
Add chopped peppers and stir fry until fragrant. Turn off the fire

Step 7
Add the vermicelli, then add the fresh soy sauce and mix well

Step 8
Put the excess vermicelli into the bottom of the plate, and then put the scallops into it. Add the mixed vermicelli on each scallop

Step 9
Steam in a pot of boiling water for eight minutes

Step 10
When the time is up, open the lid and add scallion to the pot