I don’t like steamed bread and steamed stuffed bun. Although many of my eating habits and many friends say that I am from Northeast China, in fact, I don’t like steamed bread, steamed stuffed bun and flower rolls. Instead, I like dumplings, pancakes, ramen and ramen. So I’ve never made any Chinese pastry for so long. On the contrary, it is the double treasure at home. She is raised by her grandmother. She likes Chinese food more than western food. Usually they like to eat steamed bread very much. Grandma always buys steamed bread from outside or supermarket for them to eat. After going to kindergarten, she didn’t like going to kindergarten, but the kindergarten eats steamed bread two days a week. Unexpectedly, because of this, they don’t reject going to kindergarten? Sausage bag? Or steamed bread with sausage? Whatever it is, it’s delicious anyway!, What a boo, steamed bread? Sausage bag? Or steamed bread with sausage? Whatever it is, it’s delicious anyway!.


250g medium powder
10 crispy sausage
4 g yeast
2 g salt
10g sugar
10 g oil
140 g water


Step 1
Put the yeast in warm water. The temperature of the water is about 30 degrees

Step 2
Stir well and let stand for about ten minutes. I read many books saying that this is a reminder of yeast preparation

Step 3
When the standing time is up, pour medium powder, salt, sugar and oil into the basin, and add the fresh yeast water

Step 4
Stir with chopsticks in one direction into flocs

Step 5
Knead into smooth dough, cover the basin with a wet towel, put it in a warm place (I put it by the kitchen window) and ferment until twice as large

Step 6
After the first fermentation, it should be a little too much. I went to the Internet and began to prepare for an hour to have a look. As a result, I forgot the time. It took me an hour and a half to remember. I went to see it. It seemed that I had made a little

Step 7
Flatten the dough, knead it and divide it into 10 small dough

Step 8
Take a portion of the dough and rub it into a long strip. At this time, if the dough is sticky, you can sprinkle some dry powder to prevent it from sticking

Step 9
Roll the long dough around the crispy sausage into a spiral roll

Step 10
Ten intestines wrapped up

Step 11
When shaping, put water in the pot to boil, turn off the fire, after shaping, put the sausage bag on the steaming plate padded with silica gel pad, put it in the pot, and use the temperature in the pot for secondary fermentation

Step 12
Second fermentation for 20 minutes, see if it's a little bigger? Open fire, steam over medium high heat for 12 minutes after boiling, turn off the fire and simmer for another 3 minutes

Step 13
It's delicious. When I took pictures, my brother secretly took one to eat, and then ate the second. Shuangbao said it was steamed bread with sausage. It was found that although the dough was made a little, it did not affect the taste at all. On the contrary, the intestines were wrapped up soft. The dough itself was not very sweet, and crispy intestines were added, so it should be regarded as salty pastry. My brother kept talking about yummy. yummy. My brother also said it was delicious. I asked my brother, is this steamed bread delicious with or without sausage? Answer: it's better to add sausage