Steamed Cantonese style cured rice is a recipe that many restaurants have. It’s easy to make and tastes good. In fact, steamed rice, which can follow your own preferences, put any ingredients are OK.


4-5 sausages
450 g rice
350 grams of water
10 grams of minced ginger
10g minced garlic
Appropriate amount of scallion


Step 1
Soak the rice in about 350 grams of water for an hour

Step 2
Slice the Cantonese sausage. Cut the minced ginger and garlic well.

Step 3
Add ginger 1, garlic and sausages. Add salt and soy sauce. Set aside.

Step 4
Put the soaked rice into the middle layer of reg qzk28-a01 electric steaming oven with baking net, steam at 110 ℃ for 30 minutes, and then take it out

Step 5
Place the sausages in the rice noodles that have been steamed for 30 minutes, and then steam in the oven for 15 minutes.

Step 6
Sprinkle scallion on the steamed rice, sprinkle with soy sauce and mix well.