Looking at the food I made in the sun, I share it with you. Maybe, this is the happiness of two people


A bowl and a half of rice
Right amount of bacon
1 egg
A little salt
3 tsp steamed fish and soy sauce
A little sesame oil
5g sugar


Step 1
Soak the rice one hour ahead of time

Step 2
Put the soaked rice into a small pot, and the water is about one knuckle higher than the rice. 2-3 cm. Close the lid and start steaming the rice

Step 3
When we cook, we can prepare materials, sliced bacon

Step 4
Blanch the vegetables in boiling water

Step 5
My sauce is relatively simple. I directly use steamed fish soy sauce, put a little sugar, and it's sweet. You can adjust it according to your own taste. You can also use soy sauce without steamed fish soy sauce. Add some sesame oil to make it more fragrant

Step 6
In about 15 minutes, the rice is basically shaped. Pour a little salad oil along the edge of the pot. Oh, you can hear the sound of zlazzla. It's the beginning of the pot. Then put in the meat and vegetables, leaving a circle in the middle

Step 7
Then drive an egg in the middle. In this way, the eggs will be tender. You can also fry an egg in another pan and put it in. Then keep on stuffing for a while until the eggs are cooked

Step 8
After the food is completely cooked, pour in the sauce we just made, and then stir it evenly, then you can eat it~