It’s the most memorable delicacy in the daily life of laoguang. When the autumn wind blows, the streets are filled with the fragrance of preserved meat. What’s more, the steaming heat of the cooked rice. Today, I don’t use a small casserole to cook the cooked rice, but I use an electric rice cooker to make it. Although I don’t use a casserole to make a special pot, I don’t need to make it, But the taste is no less than casserole rice.


400g rice
2 sausages
100g Bacon
15 grams of raw tobacco
5g sugar
100g green vegetables
5g edible oil
Appropriate amount of water


Step 1
Prepare sausages and bacon, blanch for 2 minutes, then wash with warm water, and then cut into thin slices

Step 2
While cooking, first make seasoning, soy sauce, sugar, cooking oil, a little water, small fire boil can be; Blanch the vegetables in boiling water

Step 3
After the rice is washed out, put 5g oil and proper amount of water into the rice cooker. Start to cook with the rice button. When the water is dry, spread sausage and bacon on the rice until the button jumps up and the rice is cooked

Step 4
After cooking, don't open the lid, simmer for another 10 minutes, open the lid, spread the blanched vegetables on it, then pour the seasoning, and the cooked rice is finished

Step 5
Open to eat, absolutely not inferior to the snack shop casserole casserole rice yo