Slobber always wanted to cook the rice, but the gas stove was not installed at home, and it was not used in casserole. In the front, the supermarket bought 9 small pieces of special pot and small casserole, and put it in a small hot pot. It immediately came to a widely distributed rice cooker. The essence of the pot meal is actually the crispy rice crust, each crisp with the wax and the salty flavor, and it can drool. Baozai rice is a special food in Guangdong. As a Cantonese, I’m sorry if I don’t learn how to do it. I’ll code it right away.


250 g rice
300 grams of water
Right amount of bacon
1 sausage
1 egg
2 vegetables
2 g salt
2 spoons of soy sauce
1 / 2 spoon fish sauce
Proper amount of sugar
A little pepper
2 tbsp boiled water
Appropriate amount of chives


Step 1
The raw materials are as shown in the picture. A bowl of rice is about 250 grams, and a bowl and a half of water is added. The bacon is dried by oneself. It needs to be steamed 30 minutes in advance. A piece of sausage is served with Shanghai green, eggs and shallots

Step 2
Coat the bottom of the casserole with oil

Step 3
Wash the rice and pour it into a casserole, add 2 grams of salt, bring the water to a boil, pour it into a casserole, cover it and bring to a boil´╝ł Using boiling water can save time

Step 4
Cut the bacon and sausage into slices and set aside. Chop the chives

Step 5
Add a little oil to the pan, pour in the bacon and sausages, stir fry until fragrant

Step 6
When the rice in the pot is boiled for about 7 or 8 minutes, the water will be collected, and the rice is about 6 or 7 mature. At this time, put the fried bacon and sausage on the rice, pour a little oil from the sausages along the edge of the pot, continue to cover and turn to low heat to simmer for about 10 minutes

Step 7
Boil water in the pan, add a little salt and oil, wash Shanghaiqing and cut it in half, then blanch it in the pan. After it is cooked, add cold water and fry the eggs. There is no photo here

Step 8
Take a small bowl to prepare the sauce. Stir two spoons of soy sauce, half a spoonful of fish sauce, a little sugar and pepper. Add two spoons of boiling water to mix

Step 9
Add eggs and vegetables to the stewed rice, pour in the right amount of juice, then you can hear the creaking sound of the bottom of the pot, and sprinkle a little scallion to start