It is a famous snack in laoxiguan, Guangdong Province. It is rich in protein, starch, trace elements and vitamins. I ate it once when I was on a trip before, and I thought it tasted good. The appearance was pink, tender and crystal clear. So this time I tried to make it myself. Although I failed several times at the beginning, the most important thing was to stick to it. I finally got it done and shared the practice with you~


100g rice
30g Chengfen
10 g Corn Starch
200g shrimp
A few green vegetables
Some soy sauce
Some sesame oils
1 shallot
1 small piece of ginger
Some salts
Some pepper


Step 1
Prepare the materials

Step 2
Add salt, pepper and ginger to the shrimps, marinate them for about half an hour, then heat them in the microwave until cooked

Step 3
Soak the rice in advance for one night, pour it into the wall breaker, and then add some water

Step 4
Select the stirring key, beat into rice pulp, is really a wall breaking artifact, hit very fast, and almost no residue

Step 5
After beating the rice paste, pour it into the container and add the Chengfen

Step 6
Then add corn starch, stir well and set aside

Step 7
Flat bottom plate brush thin layer of oil, porcelain plate can also be

Step 8
Pour in the rice paste and turn the plate to cover the bottom of the plate evenly

Step 9
Note that the less the rice paste, the thinner the crust, and the thicker the crust

Step 10
When the water is boiling, put the plate into the steamer and steam for about one minute. Open the lid and observe. The rice paste turns from white to transparent and has protruding bubbles. Don't steam too long. The cake skin will dry up. If you don't master it well in the early stage, you will fail. But don't give up. If you try more times, you will succeed, such as me

Step 11
Steamed cake skin, lift up is a piece

Step 12
Put the shrimps in the crust, sprinkle some chives and roll them up

Step 13
Place the rolled vermicelli on a plate, add a few cooked vegetables to decorate it, and then steam it in a steamer for three minutes

Step 14
Cut a knife in the middle of the vermicelli, make a sauce with soy sauce and sesame oil and sprinkle it on the vermicelli

Step 15
Let's go. It's delicious. My family says it's delicious