Delicacy and steamed rice combine perfectly with Kwai Sai and rice.


80g rock candy sausage
120g rice
240 g water
Appropriate amount of rape
Carrot in moderation
An egg
Moderate salt
6 grams of raw tobacco
Proper amount of sesame


Step 1
Prepare food materials, sausage is a necessity, with carrots and rape can be replaced with their favorite vegetables

Step 2
Wash the rice and put it into the casserole

Step 3
Add the water in the formula. Pay attention to the large amount of water in the formula. The finished rice is my favorite soft glutinous taste. If I don't like it, the amount of water can be reduced by about 10-20g

Step 4
Steaming on fire

Step 5
This state is OK, because there are sausages and vegetables to put

Step 6
When I put the sausage, the water is almost dry

Step 7
Then add rape and carrot

Step 8
Add the eggs, sprinkle a little salt on top, and simmer over low heat for about five minutes

Step 9
Sprinkle sesame seeds before leaving the pot. Specifically, some people like to eat casserole rice with a pot. If you want to eat rice with a pot, turn on the medium heat in the last five minutes, turn the casserole, and the bottom of the casserole can form the desired pot