When stewing rice, add a spoonful of common substances, and the rice is oily and fragrant. I’ll sell it first. I’ll bring my pot of casserole rice first. The trick of stewing white rice is actually in this pot of rice.


2 cups rice
2 sausages
2 eggs
A little broccoli
A little carrot
A little salt
Proper soy sauce
Proper raw extract


Step 1
Wash the rice and put it into the casserole. The amount of water is the same as that of stewed rice. How much you put depends on your taste

Step 2
Cover and simmer over low heat

Step 3
When the soup is sucked away by the rice grains, scoop a spoonful of lard and turn around the edge of the pot to melt the lard into the rice grains

Step 4
Then put on the sausage, how many can be free, and knock two eggs

Step 5
A bowl of sauce with soy sauce mixed in advance can be poured on it. You can pour more with the taste, so that the rice has a taste

Step 6
Cut broccoli into small flowers, carrot into small pieces, add some salt and blanch water and set aside

Step 7
When the rice is cooked, put the dishes on it and eat