Late night hungry, a bowl of late night cooked rice, taste unimaginable… If there is anything unclear, add me wechat private letter me: zmy931104


A bowl of rice
3 bundles of water spinach
1 duck egg
1 string of tenderloin
Proper amount of Coprinus comatus
A little salt
1 spoonful Korean chili sauce
Proper amount of oil


Step 1
Rub up the oil in the casserole

Step 2
Spread the cold rice evenly in the casserole

Step 3
Cut the material for standby

Step 4
First fry the eggs, then add the chicken leg mushroom tenderloin. Sprinkle a little salt on the chicken leg mushroom

Step 5
Spread the ingredients on the cold rice, cover the pot and open fire. You can hear the sound of zizizi for about a minute in the middle of the fire. If it's not hot, simmer it slowly for a few seconds. Don't overdo it to avoid scorching

Step 6
After the pot by their own to add chili sauce mix well