Ingredients: rice, Cantonese sausage, potatoes, carrots, asparagus, green peppers (whatever you have at home, mushrooms, vegetables, lotus root, eggplant) have long wanted to lose a cast-iron pot. After a long time of patience, I finally placed an order at Tuzhi’s house last week. I received it on Thursday, and I quickly opened the pot at the weekend. It’s the first time to take a look at the inventory in the refrigerator and make this sausage casserole. The trial result is satisfactory. The time is very short. After 30 minutes, the delicious food comes out in one pot. It really saves time and effort, and the taste is not to say, The children gave me affirmation while eating, and the whole bowl was swept away. I’m glad that if I get off work late in the future, this cast iron pot can be my good helper. It’s more practical than a casserole! Working mothers can think about it, other practices wait for me to develop slowly!


Rice for 3 people
3 sausages
1 small persimmon pepper
1 potato
Small root carrot
1 small section of Asparagus


Step 1
Wash all the side dishes, cut green pepper into pieces, and dice carrot, potato and asparagus

Step 2
After cleaning the cast iron pot, dry the water, and brush the bottom and wall with a layer of oil

Step 3
After washing the rice, pour it into the cast iron pot and add some water (if you put your index finger down vertically, the water surface is a little bit higher than half of the first section of the index finger)

Step 4
Simmer the rice for four or five minutes over medium heat. When you see that the rice is bubbling, put the sausage, potatoes and carrots in and simmer for ten minutes over low heat

Step 5
Ten minutes later, remove the lid of the pot, pour two spoonfuls of vegetable oil (olive oil is better) along the wall of the pot, gently turn the cast iron pot, let the oil flow evenly to the bottom of the pot, and simmer for another three minutes

Step 6
Add green pepper and asparagus, pour in the sauce (I use soy sauce + soy sauce + a little oyster sauce), and then simmer for another two minutes. Turn off the heat and simmer for another three minutes