Taro has red, white and purple flavors, but its effects are not different. Now taro is recognized as one of the anti-cancer foods.


200g spare ribs
2 purple potatoes
10g salt
10g starch
10ml soy sauce
10ml cooking wine


Step 1
Prepare the ingredients, wash the ribs in advance and soak them for two hours. The soaking process is to let the blood out, so there is no need to blanch the water and peel the purple potato

Step 2
Marinate the ribs with starch, soy sauce and cooking wine, and cut the purple potato into pieces for standby

Step 3
After the ribs are pickled, code the ribs on the purple potato. In fact, some water can be added in this process. I forgot to add water, resulting in a little dry after steaming

Step 4
Steam over medium heat for 60 minutes