Steamed pumpkin with spicy shrimp, one is garlic pepper, the other is sweet pumpkin put together? What will it taste like! This dish is made because my family do not like to eat sweet pumpkin, add garlic sauce is to want to taste heavier, but also add shrimp to make the dish bigger, the result after steaming taste is unexpectedly delicious, pumpkin sweet, noodles, mixed with spicy taste, delicious, such a large plate on the table immediately eliminated clean, there is still a little not enough to eat!


500g pumpkin
100g shrimp
50g oil
3 teaspoons garlic sauce
1 / 2 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon cooking wine
2 scallions


Step 1
Pumpkin, fresh shrimp

Step 2
Peel, wash and slice pumpkin

Step 3
Pendulum plate

Step 4
Shelled shrimps

Step 5
Marinate with a small amount of salt, garlic, pepper and cooking wine for a while

Step 6
Set the pumpkin on the plate and spread the pickled shrimp

Step 7
Finally, spread the garlic chili sauce

Step 8
Steam in a steamer for about ten minutes

Step 9
After the pot in the pumpkin or that sprinkle onion, another pot, the oil heat, pour in the pumpkin can