For travelers wandering abroad, what they are most concerned about is the sausages, bacon, cured duck and other cured meat in their hometown. A little bit of them can be cooked and sliced, which is enough to kill several bowls of dry rice without other dishes. Not to mention the collection of cured meat – cured meat steamed together, such a carefully prepared cured meat will surely arouse people’s long lost local flavor


150g golden ham
2 golden sausages
150 grams of bacon
150g old tofu
1 green onion
A little sugar
A little cooking wine


Step 1
Slice the tofu and soak it in water.

Step 2
Blanch ham, sausage and bacon for 10 minutes.

Step 3
Golden ham, golden sausage, golden bacon slices.

Step 4
After setting the dish, spread the old tofu, pour some cooking wine, sprinkle some sugar and steam for 20 minutes.

Step 5
After the pot, pour the bacon, sprinkle with scallion.