Change the method for streaky pork. If the amount is appropriate, it can be steamed. It’s delicious without fire. Unexpectedly, the streaky pork was robbed on the table. The soup was used to pour rice, and there was no real soup left.


300g streaky pork
30g soybean paste
4 g Shenghua
3 G garlic
A little coriander
2 g Sugar
5g oyster sauce
4 ginger slices
10 g water


Step 1
Choose the section with more lean meat for streaky pork. The fat meat is not much. It doesn't taste very greasy. Wash it, scrape the fine hairs on the skin with a knife, put it into the pot in cold water, and turn to low heat after boiling.

Step 2
It can probably be pierced with chopsticks and fished out. At this time, the streaky pork is not ripe. There is still pink when it is cut inside. Clean the floating foam on the surface with warm water.

Step 3
Cut into thin slices, about 2-3mm thick. This thickness is very easy to stir oil. The steamed taste is slightly q-elastic.

Step 4
In a hot pot, add streaky pork and ginger slices and slowly stir out the oil over a low fire. Don't try to use a high fire. If the meat slices are fried, it won't taste good.

Step 5
The fried meat slices will become slightly golden. Don't stir too much. The meat will be old and it won't taste good to steam again. At this time, mix the sauce evenly, pour it into the pot, turn off the fire and mix well.

Step 6
Pour the streaky pork mixed with sauce on a clean plate.

Step 7
Steam in ACA steamer over high heat for 15 minutes. Finally, put coriander and scallion on it. It tastes better~

Step 8
finished product