Steamed pork with flour is waxy and fragrant, fat and thin, red and white, tender but not surimi, rice flour is oily and full of five flavors. According to the cooking method, it can be spicy or sweet, and the ingredients can be supplemented with old lotus root, pumpkin, sweet potato and other side dishes.


Half a catty of streaky pork
1 piece of nanru
100g potatoes
2 g salt
2 tbsp oyster sauce
60g steamed meat powder
5g sugar


Step 1
After cleaning, cut the pork into thin slices

Step 2
Add oyster sauce, sugar and salt to the bowl, stir well, then add nanru

Step 3
Stir well and let stand for 20-30 minutes

Step 4
Add the steamed meat powder and stir well. Stick the steamed meat powder on every part of the pork

Step 5
Peel the potatoes and cut them into pieces. Add milk and salt. Stir well and set the bottom of the plate

Step 6
Put the pork on the potatoes

Step 7
Put it in a high pressure cooker and steam for 25 minutes