Steamed pork with flour is waxy and fragrant, crisp and refreshing, fat and thin, red and white, tender but not surimi, rice flour is oily, and five flavors are rich.


500g pork
1 bag of steamed meat powder
1 Sweet Potato
2 tbsp bean paste
15g soy sauce
150 ml water
2 shallots


Step 1
Wash and slice the pork, put the sauce package into the pork and mix well

Step 2
Add bean paste and soy sauce to pork and marinate for one hour

Step 3
Mix the rice flour into the pork

Step 4
Wash and cut sweet potato into pieces

Step 5
Spread the pork on the sweet potato

Step 6

Step 7
Steam for 1 hour

Step 8
Cut the shallot into sections and sprinkle on the steamed meat