Shaomai is also known as Shaomai and shaomei ā o m à i) Xiaomi, Shaomai, shaomei, shaomei and guipengtou, which are called “Jue” in Japan, is a kind of snack with a fluffy and flowery top. It is a kind of steamed snack wrapped with hot noodles. Pomegranate shape, white crystal, filling thin skin, delicious fragrance. Fragrant and delicious, with the advantages of small dumplings and potstickers, folk often as a feast delicacy. Born and bred in China, it has a long history. In the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, it originated in the western region of Inner Mongolia. Later, it spread to Beijing and Tianjin, and then to Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Guangxi. People called it Shaomai; There are great differences between the north and the south in the way of making materials.


25 dumpling skins
Right amount of glutinous rice
Moderate salt
Appropriate amount of shallot
Proper amount of Lentinus edodes
1 sausage


Step 1
Soak well the night before and drain in the morning to keep dry

Step 2
Mushroom bubble hair

Step 3
I made sausages with my family last winter

Step 4
Sausage steamed on rice for an hour, no tools, only rice cooker

Step 5
Wash the mushrooms, soak them in water, then pick them up and keep the water

Step 6
I only use three kinds of dice

Step 7
Fried mushrooms

Step 8
Add sausage, sausage is a little salty, so basically do not add salt, if it is fresh meat, is the point of salt ha

Step 9
Add glutinous rice, then add soy sauce and a little chicken essence. Remember that bowl of mushroom soup. Pour in the juice. Don't be too dry

Step 10
Lazy, bought dumpling skin, not big enough, rolling with a rolling pin

Step 11
The left hand dumpling skin and the right hand stuffing are directly covered and wrapped, and the left hand tiger mouth is tightened, while turning and pinching

Step 12
It's the first time I do it. It's just plain

Step 13
Two plates are just right. I like to add some spicy food. I like to eat chili recently [laughter]

Step 14
Steaming in the induction cooker for 10 minutes is good. After a short time, you can get out of the pot, sprinkle green onion and eat it. Glutinous rice is mixed with the taste of mushrooms. It's delicious