500g flour
160 ml water
200g pork
10g scallion
15 ml oil
2 g salt
2G chicken essence
2G thirteen incense
2G oyster sauce
2G steamed fish drum oil


Step 1
500g flour, 150ml water, cover the fresh-keeping bag and wake up for ten minutes

Step 2
Cut 200g pork into large pieces, put it into the meat grinder, and pour 10g scallion into it

Step 3
After taking out the meat, add 15ml oil, 2G salt, 2G chicken essence, 2G thirteen spices, 2G oyster sauce, 2G steamed fish drum oil and 10ml water. Stir well

Step 4
Knead the dough into long strips, cut it into equal small preparations, press it into a round cake, put stuffing in the middle of the dough, and pinch out the wheat shape

Step 5
Put it into the cage and steam it to eat