Autumn is a season with a high incidence of diseases. With the gradual cooling of the weather, many people with weak resistance will feel that their bodies seem to be uncomfortable everywhere, but they can’t tell the specific diseases. If they feel uncomfortable, we can adjust them through some simple diet therapy. Three meals a day are slightly adjusted to slowly improve the body’s resistance, so that winter will be more comfortable!


A dove
A lily
10g Chrysanthemum
Proper amount of salt
Proper cooking wine


Step 1
The ingredients are ready.

Step 2
Pigeons have a lot of fluff. They are carefully pulled out with tweezers.

Step 3
Cook a pot of chrysanthemum tea and soak it slightly..

Step 4
Filter the chrysanthemum, remove the residue and leave the juice for standby.

Step 5
Chop the pigeons into small pieces, put them into the pot with cold water, pour a few drops of cooking wine after boiling, and skim off the floating foam.

Step 6
Take out the pigeon pieces with boiling soup, put them into a large bowl and sprinkle mulberry Lily slices.

Step 7
Pour the filtered chrysanthemum tea into the pigeon and season with salt.

Step 8
Put it in a steamer and steam over high heat for half an hour. Eating meat and soup is refreshing and appetizing without getting angry.